While it is not required to attend all ID Sessions we do encourage your child to attend as early as possible.  This will allow us/you to begin the evaluation process early to see if we are a good fit for each other.

ID sessions happen towards the end of the season (May), building up to tryouts. All of them will be posted on the website and social media platforms when completed. Additional sessions after tryouts will only be added if necessary. Please check out website for information.

Most of our current teams are looking to add players.  ID Sessions are the best time to inquire as rarely are players added to rosters during the year. We have a few teams that are newly forming and are looking for groups of players.

Training sessions are held at:

Christian High School 

1145 Tom Ginnever Ave 

O'Fallon, MO 63366

While there are many things that make the Hawks unique, in short, our emphasis on consistent player development across all ages along with our employment of qualified coaches (educators) set us apart from many clubs. 

Here is the link to the Club Documents on our website which will include costs for everything Fall, Winter, and Spring (with the exception of uniform costs).  This is further explained in our “Fee” document.  

Coming Soon...

All Hawks coaches are professionally certified, spend time shadowing other coaches and collaborate with each other regularly.  Coaches also routinely meet with the club’s Director of Coaching in order to create and sustain a more unified and consistent coaching approach for all Hawks teams. This thorough process is vital to the Hawks coaching model of assuring that the values of all our coaches align with our development philosophy.

The Hawks are very much like a family.  From our Director of Coaching and Player Development to our coaches, managers, and players, we all share the same philosophy: developing the soccer player. Our coaches spend time creating fresh activities for training sessions, sharing documents and activities and coaching together to better address all player learning styles and needs.  Often our coaches will trade teams or coach games for each other in order to create a cohesive environment where players can learn from many coaches who bring their own specific strengths to our players.  Our players are always invited to attend other coaches ’ or team’s training sessions in order to add to their training schedule or to make up for a missed practice with their regular team.

Of course! Most of our players are involved in a variety of other activities and we are very flexible with our families in regards to training sessions.  We understand that conflicts arise with school, work, illnesses or other activities and we are happy to have players attend a similarly aged team’s training session as a make up.